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What is RoastLog?

More than just a notebook, RoastLog is the first end-to-end software system built exclusively for coffee professionals. The system is designed to track, store and organize your coffee inventory, roast profiles and cupping notes all online. You will be able to access your data from anywhere – the cupping room, the roasting plant floor, from home or office, from virtually any computer connected to the internet, PC or Mac.

With RoastLog there is no need to track time and temperature data in a notebook. No need to plot curves on graph paper. No more hours wasted on entering data into clunky spreadsheets that are difficult to analyze. RoastLog frees coffee roasters and cuppers from the tedious task of record keeping with the goal of streamlining data analysis.

RoastLog makes it easy to share data with your team – roasters, green buyers and quality assurance technicians can all access the exact same information about your coffee assortment, add details to specific roasts and analyze the collected data. With RoastLog you can keep track of how the roasting day is progressing from any location and share information with your team online.

Over time you will see a positive impact to your bottom line and improvement to the quality and consistency of your coffee. Data analysis is often overlooked because of the time commitment required to record all of the information necessary to make accurate assumptions. Since RoastLog saves, stores and sorts information for you, you will be able to save valuable hours each work week, allowing time to focus on more important priorities.

RoastLog also helps save time and money when training new employees. The visual display of information makes it easier for new roasters to learn about the profiles developed for your coffee selection. New roasters come up to speed faster and make fewer mistakes when they are able to view ideal profiles while they are roasting.

RoastLog is made up of three guys: Brian, Ted and Ryan. The story on how we got here is sort of interesting, but at the end of the day, the three of us are here because we love technology, coffee and building a great piece of software for the coffee industry.

Brian Zambrano, Engineering Nerd and Fearless Leader

Brian ZambranoBrian, grinding coffee on a 2 day rock climb in Yosemite Valley

Brian was bitten by the coffee bug during the summer of 2002 while on a three month rock climbing vacation in Grenoble, France. Over the next few years, the bug drove him into home roasting, coffee school, SCAA conventions, roasting classes and eventually roasting on a Diedrich IR7. In 2008, he realized the need for a professional logging system for coffee roasters. Since then he’s been focusing on building the RoastLog team and product.

Brian is the driving force behind the company, moving the business forward and providing the engineering and programming skills that are the backbone of our applications. His background is in engineering and software development. When not working on RoastLog, you can probably find him rock climbing, cycling or at some nerdy software conference.

Brian lives in Alameda, CA with his lovely wife and their cat, Captain.

Ted Stachura, Coffee Guru

Ted StachuraTed, minus a beard

Ted is a coffee cupper, roaster, writer and trainer currently working as the assistant editor for the online publication Coffee Review as well as a consultant for Kenneth Davids Consulting. He has a long history in the coffee industry, holding a variety of positions at Peet’s Coffee and Tea, including program manager of coffee and tea training.

As our Chief Coffee Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, Ted brings years of industry experience to RoastLog and will continue to be instrumental in making sure our software does what it needs to do for roasters and does so in way that makes people want to use it. Brian and Ted met through a mutual friend, and Brian quickly saw how important Ted could be in getting RoastLog into the hands of professional roasters.

Ted lives in Oakland, CA with his wife, a very sweet pit-bull and a sometimes mean little dog.

Ryan Brown, UX/UI Ninja

Ryan BrownRyan, helping a small child with snow gear

Ryan is in charge of User Experience and User Interactions at RoastLog. What the heck does that mean? What he builds is what you see when you use RoastLog. He realizes that the coolest software which can do the most amazingly useful things is pretty useless if it, well, sucks to use. Ryan believes in designing software for the people who use it, and he will not stop until he sees people using RoastLog with happy looks on their faces.

Brian and Ryan met in the computer science program at San Francisco State University where they partnered in an operating systems course. They kept infrequent contact until Brian was looking for some programming help on a little project which is now RoastLog.

Ryan lives in Alameda, CA with his wife and two children. He started drinking coffee after starting work with RoastLog and still at times likens it to licking a tree.

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