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With the domination of the “Green Giant” in the coffee universe, it has become a necessity for the independents to find new and creative ways to compete with the large corporations for the consumer dollar, or in this case four dollars. This has led to Canada being home to some of the most unique cafes this side of Italy.

Common Grounds TV will take you across this great country in search of the best espresso, cappuccino, desserts, architecture and more as hosts Nik Green and Edan Marshall traverse the country in an Audi A4.

Along with cinematographer and die-hard “Timmy’s” proponent Mark Soderberg, Green and Marshall check out the funkiest and most original establishments serving coffee from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Tofino, British Columbia. Interesting cafes, roasters, bakeries and unique shops such as chocolate factories are scattered around the country and the hosts show you where to find the very best of each.

With their unique humour and coffee related challenges, the trip is never dull as the three caffeine fueled men investigate the coffee world and realize it is about more than the beverage, its about finding, experiencing and meeting new people through its ability to bring people together over a cup. So sit down for coffee with Common Grounds TV.

Cafes looking to ensure inclusion in our one of a kind show can select an underwriter package from our selection.

Packages include deliverables that can enhance your business in various ways. With our wide range of timing and pricing we have affordable packages for cafes of all size and stature.

Kup Of Excellence finalists are encouraged to take advantage of our special packages.. Exposure received through our channels is passed on to your company as we continue to be promoted via all forms of media.

Corporate underwriting helps make Common Grounds TV accessible to a large audience via an extensive network of web sites, social media, newsprint and more.

With our target demographic looking to the net more and more, our viewers can quickly link to corporate sites for products, places and people they find of interest in our show.

From outdoor outfitters and vehicles to coffee and tea companies, Common Grounds TV offers a chance for potential customers to reach your web presence instantly.

Corporate Sponsors are encouraged to approach us with variations on our packages and their own ideas. Many in-kind arrangements have been made before as our crew outfits themselves for the 14,500 km trek.

To order or inquire


Cafe Visits
The hosts breakdown what makes each of the selected destinations unique. The house special, decor, quality and location all factor into the review of the cafes.

Roaster Visits
Roasteries are explored and toured throughout the country that contains far more than many may think.

The best and brightest stars of the barista world will sit down for a coffee and explain what sets them apart as they demonstrate their signature beverage to the hosts for review.

Coffee with a Celebrity
Canadian celebs sit down with our hosts and explain why they frequent their favorite joint. NHL players, musicians and TV personalities will join us.

Coffee in a Pinch
The hosts attempt to make coffee in a variety of make-shift ways while out on the open road. Brewing off the top of a running engine, handsresso, campfire coffee and other attempts at coffee in a pinch provide the laughs.

Panini Challenge
The cross country search for the greatest panini continues.

Cheap Coffee Challenge
With only two dollars in their pockets, the hosts set out in major centres to find the best and cheapest cup of coffee they can.

Camp Coffee Challenge
While camping, the hosts will invite themselves into others campgrounds to chat and see how they make their own morning cup in the provincial campgrounds of Canada.

Can a gps find a good cup?
A GPS is relied upon to guide the hosts to the nearest and best cup of coffee in major centres across Canada.

The Effects of Caffeine
The hosts employ the services of professional marksman Rob Engh to demonstrate the before and after effects of caffeine as they snipe bags of decaf coffee at distance.

$hit Coffee!
The hosts visit a Kopi Luwac keeper and check out this process that leads to the most expensive coffee in the world. They discover the process involves an animal defecating the coffee beans.

Barista Competition Training
Barista Champions teach Nik and Edan what it takes to enter a Barista competition. Nik and Edan compete against the best baristas from Vancouver.

Coffee To Go
The Land Rover evolves into a full service specialty coffee machine as the boys modify it over the duration of the trip with increasingly more absurd additions.

From the Source
Nik and Edan investigate the main ingrediant in specialty coffees, milk. They visit a dairy farmer in Saskatchewan and make a latte straight from a cow.

Google Map : Their map tracks where the group has been across Canada


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Common Grounds TV Website:

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