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What is WITNESS?

WITNESS is an international human rights organization that provides training and support to local groups to use video in their human rights advocacy campaigns. Beyond providing video cameras and editing equipment, WITNESS is committed to facilitating exposure for our partners’ issues on a global scale. We help broker relationships with international media outlets, government officials, policymakers, activists, and the general public so that once a video is made, it can be used as a tool to advocate for change. To read more about us, visit the About WITNESS page.

What is the Hub?

The Hub is a participatory media site dedicated to human rights media. Anyone with a valid email address can be part of the community – you can upload footage, or simply watch what’s on the site. You can create groups and mobilize action around human rights abuses. The Hub provides people with the tools and the platform to use their video footage, photographs or audio recordings to campaign against human rights abuses.

The Hub is a project of WITNESS – but it is designed for all individuals and groups working to protect and promote human rights. To learn more, visit the Hub.

What is a Rights Alert?

Rights Alerts are urgent calls to action for human rights campaigns in which our Core Partners are engaged. Each Rights Alert includes a short video, along with background on the issue, opportunities to take action, and links to relevant organizations.  They are broadcast at a critical moment in a campaign to raise awareness of human rights abuses and call for change.   To view our recent videos and take action, visit the Rights Alerts page.

What are WITNESS’ Values & Vision?

We envision a just and equitable world where all individuals and communities are able to defend and uphold human rights.
We value:

  • The fundamental principles of human rights and creating positive change that defend and uphold those rights for individuals and communities;
  • Collaboration and partnership that ensures the greatest levels of participation, inclusiveness, and responsiveness;
  • Access to resources and strategies that empower and engage the voice and agency of communities and individuals; Continued learning and sharing of knowledge to promote innovation and to advance human rights; and Diversity of voices in all aspects of our work.

We seek to uphold and respect these values in our operations and governance and to:

  • Be guided in our daily work by human rights principles of dignity, equality and non-discrimination in all internal and external relationships;
  • Encourage participation from all levels of the organization and be as open as possible to collaborative engagement with a  diverse range of allies;
  • Explore and implement new technologies and make an effort to counter the challenges of access and equity that still exist in  relations to these tools;
  • Strive to create an environment that promotes voice and agency, in a world characterized by discrepancies in access to opportunity  and power;
  • Be ethical and responsible in our use of visual media;
  • Remain open-minded to new ideas and change in all aspects of our work, and share –without holding ownership — new strategies and innovations for social change;
  • Embrace a diverse representation among our staff, board members, volunteers; and Refuse sources of finance deriving from activities that conflict with our vision, values and goals as an institution.

Does WITNESS make grants or provide funding?

No. WITNESS is not a grantmaking foundation and does not generally provide funds to individuals or groups for video productions or to purchase video equipment. If you are a local human rights organization interested in becoming a WITNESS partner, please visit the WITNESS Partners page for more information. Please note that the application process to become a WITNESS partner has changed as of 2004.

Does WITNESS provide legal counsel or advice?

No. WITNESS does not provide legal counsel or advice. If you are writing with concerns about legal status or action, please contact a legal aid center in your community. You may be able to locate the nearest office by visiting the National Legal Aid and Defender website at www.nlada.org.

Does WITNESS have offices besides its headquarters in New York City?

While WITNESS works with partner organizations around the world, we do not have offices other than our Brooklyn, New York, headquarters.  If you are interested in volunteering or working with us, please see the section below entitled volunteering.

Can I purchase WITNESS video productions?

Yes. Please visit the Store to purchase copies of our videos available in NTSC or PAL.

How do I become a WITNESS partner?

Please see our Partnership FAQ section.

Link: http://witness.org/

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